MIT Research Dream Lab
Researchers at MIT’s Dream Lab are creating technologies capable of hacking your dreams. One such technology is a glove-like device called Dormio, which comes equipped with multiple sensors capable of detecting which sleeping state the wearer is in. When you reach the state in between conscious and subconscious, or hypnagogia, the glove plays a pre-recorded audio clip that consists of a single word and records everything the user says in response. Read more for a video and additional information.

This glove tracks muscle tone, heart rate, and skin conductance to identify the various stages of sleep. In a 50-person research group with Dormio, the researchers discovered that the content of the audio cue successfully showed up in people’s dreams. For example, if the word was “tiger,” users reported dreaming about that animal.

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Dreaming is really just thinking at night. When you go inside, you come out different in the morning. But we have not been asking questions about the experience of that transformation of information or the thoughts that guide it,” said Adam Horowitz, a PhD student at MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces Group and a Dream Lab researcher.