Helix Folding Bike

Most folding bikes aren’t built to last, that is unless…you’re talking about Helix. Touted as the “world’s best folding bike,” this 9-speed bike utilizes patent pending side-by-side technology to fold down to the size of its wheels, making for easy transportation. The titanium frame is handcrafted in Canada and the pass-through locking design with secondary safety ensures a worry-free ride. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“Designed to be smaller, lighter, safer, and easier to use than any other folding bike on the market, Helix is made of durable titanium and weighs in at just 21 pounds. Thanks to its innovative design, the bike folds down to a size just slightly wider than the crankset. The bike wheels rotate on helical hinges and can fold beside the frame and between the cranks. ‘Helix is the easiest folding bike in the world to fold and unfold,’ write the designers. ‘Unlike any other folding bike, Helix can be folded in any order without having to rotate the pedals,'” says Inhabitat.

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