Mattracks Motorized Snowboard Powerboard

While Mattracks is best known for their rubber track conversion systems for wheeled-vehicles – ranging in size from Humvees to ATVs – their snowboard-inspired Powerboard is definitely now slouch. The most accurate description would probably be a stand-up snowmobile of sorts, one using a proprietary design that allows the ground-side of the track to bend as the rider leans into a corner, thus provides steering. It’s powered by a mid-mounted 6.5HP Zhendong single-cylinder gas motor, with a centrifugal clutch hooked up to a chain drive, good for a top speed of 18mph.Continue reading for another video and more information.

The stand-up design does not require riders to wear any type of special boots or bindings, while the adjustable height handle provides leverage and stability as well as provide the mounting point for the thumb-operated throttle. The chassis is constructed from aluminum for strength and weight reduction.

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