BMW 42 Wheels

Unlike other concepts, this one was dreamed up by a four year-old boy named Eli. He told his uncle about his dream car, and then automotive blog Jalopnik was contacted to make it a reality, or at least in CAD and Photoshop form. A few weeks later, and we get the BMW 4219Eli, featuring exactly what the boy asked for: 42 functional wheels, 19 Porsche engines, 3 different driver’s seats, each with their own steering wheels and a trunk full of toys which doubles as a playroom. Continue reading to see how BMW USA responded and labeled everything.

BMW 42 Wheeler

“Amazingly BMW got wind of the little guy’s ambitious plan and decided to take it on. Through the Tumblr site of BMW USA they posted an offical BMW proposal for the car. This was it,” according to Diseno-Art. If you can’t see the image clearly, just click here for the full-sized version

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