Mouse Tools Box Shed
Homeowner Stephen Mckears, 72, was puzzled as to who was tidying up his tools in the garden shed late at night and discovered something bizarre to say the least. He asked his neighbor Rodney Holbrook, 70, to help him solve the mystery. The retired electrician first began noticing plastic clips appearing in an old ice cream tub filled with peanuts which he keeps to feed the birds before more objects began to accumulate. To make sure he wasn’t going crazy, Stephen emptied the tub each night, only to discover the mess had been cleaned by the morning. After weeks of this going on, the duo set up a trail camera to uncover the mystery guest. Read more to see what they discovered.

“What the camera revealed was that a mouse would show up like clockwork early each morning and meticulously drag each item on the workbench back into the box. Mckears thought he was going crazy when he found his tools organized on a nightly basis, but the mouse must have questioned its own sanity as well upon seeing its hard work reversed every day,” reports Peta Pixel.