Mushroom Brick Fungi
San Francisco-based MycoWorks engineers a sustainable and versatile material from fungi that may one day be used to build livable structures, batteries, cars, apparel, and even spacecraft. These stronger than concrete bricks are made from the roots of mushrooms, called mycelia, which are the thread-like masses of fungi that grow underground. They can be found running through almost every square inch of earth, transferring nutrients and allowing plants to communicate with each other. Read more for two videos and additional information.

MycoWorks takes fungi from nature and place small pieces of the mycelia tissue into jars of discarded organic material, which can include corn husks, sawdust, and other agricultural waste, that would typically be disposed of. In up to a week, the mycelia fibers expand, web, and form clumps of material. This growth is then removed and placed into molds of various shapes to let it harden and dry before being fired up in an oven.

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