Mysterious Booms

A number of mysterious boom have been reported in the US over the past 12-months, and to be more specific, there were 64 recorded incidents, with the majority heard on the east coast. Currently, researchers have no answer as to what is causing these sounds, but theories range from the Leonid shower meteorites exploding in the atmosphere to supersonic aircrafts. The most recent boom was heard over Alabama on November 14, and the noise shook houses as well as terrified locals. Authorities could not figure out the source of the noise, however, and have ruled out an explosion. Continue reading for two more videos and information.

“Alabama locals took to Twitter to report the latest event. One user described it as ‘an incredibly loud boom’ that ‘shook the entire house.’ Previously, on October 10, a similar incident left Australians in Cairn confused and frightened. Two weeks after that another boom resounded over the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, and reportedly at the same time, a blue meteor passed across the sky,” according to Oddity Central.