Meteor Bangkok Thailand

Videos of a mysterious fireball exploding over Bangkok, Thailand began surfacing online Monday morning (September 7), and while the incident occurred at 8:40am local time, the clips showed a meteor-like object streaking the sky, before suddenly flaring up and then disappearing on the horizon, leaving behind a trail of smoke. “People should not worry because they are no larger than 10 meters and most of them entirely burn up in the atmosphere,” said Suparerk Karuehanon, an academic at the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand. Continue reading for another video from a different viewpoint and more information.

“Objects burn up in Earth’s atmosphere regularly, although it is uncommon for one this bright to be spotted. It is reminiscent of the Chelyabinsk meteor, which streaked across Russian skies in February 2013. The resultant shockwave from that meteor injured hundreds. There are no reported injuries from this latest incident,” according to IFL Science.