Ferrari Panther

During the early 1970s, American property developer Bob Gittleman had deep pockets and an unusual taste in estate cars. After wandering into Luigi Chinetti’s New York Ferrari dealership and asking for “something a bit different,” a Rosso Dino red Ferrari 365 GTB/4 “Daytona” coupe was shipped to Panther Westwinds in Surrey. It was converted into the world’s only Daytona Shooting Brake. Continue reading for more interesting facts.

5. Drivetrain Remained the Same

Ferrari Panther FF

The beautiful creation pictured here was the result of endless work, and after an in-depth restoration, the 4.4L V12-powered wonder-wagon surfaced at the Salon Prive concours event at Blenheim Palace.

4. Gullwing Side Windows Used to Access Boot

Ferrari Panther FF

A simple tailgate just wouldn’t do for a car this elegant, so Panther fashioned gullwing-hinged side windows to grant access to the boot instead. Though not ideal for loading flat-pack furniture, it does create that striking trapezoidal glass tail.

3. Cost Price of 4 Regular Daytonas to Renovate

Ferrari Panther FF

By the time this custom Shooting Brake was shipped back to Gittleman’s Florida home in 1975, it had already cost the equivalent of four regular Daytonas. Since that time, it’s gone through a few owners in both the United States and France, but still has fewer than 4000-miles on the clock.

2. Being Offered Now by Hexagon Classics

Ferrari Panther FF

The Shooting Brake doesn’t have the futuristic flair, but it will still command a heavy premium from London classic car dealer Hexagon Classics. How much? It’s one of those “if you have to ask…” deals, possibly a million or more.

1. Completely Restored

“Hexagon Classics acquired the car last year and set about a comprehensive restoration of this unique coach-built Ferrari – employing the very same artisan who work built the car whilst working at Panther in period – ensuring 100% authenticity in the restoration of this car. Additionally the car has benefited from a bare metal repaint, mechanical restoration by an offical Ferrari service agent – and the car today is in stunning – ready to show concours condition,” said the car dealer.

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