Aviation experts claim that the loud bangs heard around New York and the UK last night were from a type of experimental jet engine, the Aurora Project to be more specific. According to Dr Khandelwal, an engineering research associate from Sheffield, these sounds come from a pulse detonation engine: ” It makes the same kind of pulsing sound as the one on this audio. When we run a test engine it’s a real industrial noise and you can hear it for miles. We have people coming to us asking to make less noise or keep it to the daytime. The engine works by using the force from a series of explosions, caused by mixing a fuel mist and air intake, to thrust itself forward. It can theoretically power planes at five times the speed of sound.” Continue reading for a video on the Aurora Project.

“The technology builds upon ‘pulsejet’ principles which first emerged in the early 1900s and were used in German V-1 flying bombs Test flights using the most recent forms of the technology have lasted only a few seconds, but it is still listed by conspiracy theorists as a possible way of powering the so-called Aurora spy jet The theorists have cited ‘Aurora’ – a name which appeared in a Pentagon budget report in the 1980s – as an ongoing spy plane project for several years,” says The Daily Mail.