NASA Program Ocean Color Data Musical Notes Sounds of the Sea
A NASA scientist and his programmer brother have developed an online program that merges ocean color data with musical notes, resulting in an immersive experience into the ocean imagery Goddard researchers study everyday in an effort to understand the complexities of a large, changing ecosystem. This oceanographic symphonic experience all vegan when Ryan Vandermeulen stumbled upon an ocean color image of Río de la Plata.

Once Vandermeulen pulled the data from the ocean color imagery, he began looking for ways to merge the data with sound. That is where his programmer brother Jon steps in who then created a programmatic interface that translated the data into musical notes. The tool was then rebuilt so the translated data could be imported into a digital audio workstation. This program mainly focuses on the data coming from the image’s red, green and blue channels. Then there’s the real-life SpongeBob and Patrick Starfish discovered during a recent ocean expedition.

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I started by extracting transactive data from satellite images. I looked at the patterns of the red, green, blue channels. Clearly, they weren’t traveling in the same direction. There was something there. The data itself, you’re listening to it as it exists. The variations are creating a natural palette for the ear,” said Ryan Vandermeulen, Scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.


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