NASA Quantum Teleportation
NASA, Caltech and Fermilab researchers have managed to achieve long-distance quantum teleportation for the first time. This means that the team used quantum communication networks to transfer quantum information (qubits) at speed of light over 27-miles, and since it uses photons rather than computer code, the data cannot be hacked. To transfer the information stored in qubits, researchers used entanglement, or when two particles share spatial proximity and can not be described independently. Read more for a video about quantum teleportation and additional information.

An innovative transportation system was built between two labs, and it is comprised of three nodes. These three nodes interacted to create a qubit sequence that sent a signal instantly, which means zero wait between the creation and sending of the information. The data was 90 percent accurate and gives researchers hope for the future of this technology.

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For quantum networks, quantum teleportation and entanglement swapping are used to distribute quantum information between distant locations. This process allows the realization of quantum cryptographic schemes or distributed quantum tasks, such as sensing or computing. Importantly, quantum teleportation is vital in order to extend the distance of quantum networks using quantum memories and quantum repeaters. This development will form part of a global quantum network: a so-called Quantum Internet,” said the researchers.