NASA SOHO Space Probe Sun
Researcher Scott C Waring has released footage captured by NASA’s SOHO probe that appears to be a massive disc-shaped UFO shooting out from the sun from its right top corner. “I was checking out the SOHO images and noticed this UFO shooting out of the sun. If it were material from the sun it would be spread out like a hand and shooting straight out, not shooting to the side at an angle. This has a metallic shiny appearance and is 5-6 times the size of Earth. I have long believed that the sun is hollow and holds its own mini solar system inside of it which harness the energy of the sun to power the alien worlds,” said Waring. Read more for a video and additional information.

“NASA are not doing their job if they are not telling us about things flying out the Sun, because if this is just magma it is more than enough to wipe out Earth. And this does not look like magma to me – more like an alien ship. I have long believed the Sun is hollow and holds its own mini solar system inside of it, harnessing the energy of the star to power these alien worlds. And this UFO is proof the theory is correct,” adds Waring.


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