NASA Space Suit Artemis Moon
NASA revealed two new spacesuits designed specifically for astronauts headed to the Moon on its upcoming Artemis missions, with the first to launch some time in 2024. This new design will let astronauts move around more dynamically, including a natural walking motion, while still offering plenty of range for their arms, complete with with new gloves for free movement of their fingers to pick up lunar rocks off, etc. Read more for a video and additional information.

Most importantly, this “xEMU” spacesuit design can work with just about any human that aspires to become an astronaut, thanks inclusive sizing that can accommodate anyone from the “first percentile female to the 99th percentile male,” according to Kristine Davis, an Advanced Space Suit Engineer at NASA. The usable legs will let astronauts easily walk around, unlike its predecessor, which was mainly there for protection.

This is the first suit we’ve designed in about 40 years. What you saw today was a prototype of the pressure garment. The life support system is back in a lab in Houston. We want systems that allow our astronauts to be scientists on the surface of the moon,” Chris Hansen, a manager at NASA’s spacesuit design office.