You read that right, NASA is looking to study how microgravity effects the body during spaceflight. So, they’re willing to pay volunteers $4777 per month to spend 70 days in a tilted bed where you will have light for 16 hours per day and darkness for eight hours per day; access to computer games, TV, books, the internet and visitors is permitted, and all food is provided to keep you at a constant weight. Continue reading for a video and more information.

The only time you can move is when scientists carry out tests to find out any changes in bone, muscle, circulation, nutrition and the immune system.

Or as part of the newly-introduced exercise called the ‘countermeasure and function testing’ study, that will monitor how different movements can effect muscle size and strength, bone health, and cardiovascular function.

Even then you will be lying in bed and will exercise on specially-designed equipment. Following 70 days, there is a 14-day rehabilitation period to get your body back into shape.