All you need is an NES cartridge, a laptop hard drive, and a USB/drive converter to make the “Zelda Drive 1.0”. This would make a great addition to any Nintendo collection. More pics after the jump.

From the article: “The first thing that you need to do, is get a NES cartridge. If you dont have one, used video game stores usually still have a few. I had two copies of Zelda, so I chose to use that one. Next, you need a laptop drive of some sort. I started this with an OLD ~1000 RPM laptop drive. I swear I could piss bits faster than this thing could read/write. BUT it worked. And then you need to get a hold of a USB/drive converter appropriate to the drive you are using. I got mine from It came with this steel black enclosure that my old drive didnt even fit in, which is why I did this. “