It’s time for our weekly top 10 strangest list. We’ve searched high and low for some of the strangest (or coolest) cell phones.

10. Vodafone 904SH Face Recognition Phone

Available in three different colors, the 904SH includes an OKI face recognition sensor that secures your phone without having to enter a PIN number. Other features include a 2.4-inch display, 3.2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and a motion sensor. [Source]

9. DNET’s iPod Mini Look-Alike Phone

Apple’s simple yet functional designs have sprung many look-alikes including DNET’s DM751 music phone. In place of the click wheel lies a circular keypad along with dedicated music keys. It’s currently on display at CeBIT, no other technical specs have been released. [Source]

8. Samsung’s “Serene”

We have seen the future of cell phones, and it’s the “Serene” by Samsung. Designed by Bang & Olufson, this phone combines advanced features with an innovative clamshell design. It has a 2.1″ QVGA TFT-LCD display, 0.3 Megapixel camera, WAP 2.0, and Bluetooth. All of these features are a click away, using the unique thumb-operated navigation wheel which has a loudspeaker concealed behind it. [Source]

7. Nokia’s SURV1 Concept

Nokia presents the SURV1 concept, a rugged cell phone that features a scratch-resistant display, shockproof case, GPS, MP3 player, and a flashlight. [Source]

6. Au Design Phone with Hidden Digital LED

Au Design’s “Neon” mobile phone lets you flash secret messages on its hidden digital LED display at the press of a button. It will also include a Megapixel camera, FM tuner, and music/video player.[Source]

5. The Camera Phone Watch

The Telson TWC 1150 is the world’s first camera phone watch. It’s compatible with a RUIM card, which can be used in GSM phones for international roaming. The TWC 1150 also features a 256 color LCD display, plug-in Camera, infared wireless earpiece, speakerphone, stopwatch, and planner. [Source]

4. Nokia 888 Concept

Nokia’s remarkable 888 concept is ultrathin, lightweight, and very flexible. Powered by liquid battery, the 888 offers a touchscreen display. [PhoneMag]

3. Retro Cell Phone Stun Gun

For around $867 USD (7,000 Yuan) you could own a retro-styled cell phone with an integrated stun gun — called the “Shock Stick”. Flip the volume switch up and the top of the phone emits an electromagnetic wave that may be lethal. Source: [Phonedaily]

2. Portable GSM Rotary Phone

Yes, this is actually a fully functional GSM cell phone stuffed into an old rotary phone. It makes an interesting conversation piece to say the least.

From the article: “All you have to do is open the phone, insert your SIM card, and turn the unit on. The unit will utilize your phone number and account minutes. Phone can dial out using the rotary and will ring with the original metal bells with an incoming call”


1. .22-Caliber Cell Phone Gun

On the outside, it looks like any other cell phone, but lying beneath the exterior is a .22-caliber pistol that’s capable of firing four rounds in rapid succession. Twist the phone, load up the top half with .22-caliber bullets, and fire away using keys 5-8. [Source]

Honorable Mention -Emporia

Austria based Emporia is set to release a GSM phone that targets the 50+ generation. You’ll find large buttons, an easy-to-read 2.7-inch FSTN monochrome display, and a handy emergency button on the back.[Source]

Honorable Mention – BenQ “Qube Z2” Cell Phone

The Qube Z2 packs a lot of multimedia functionality into a small cube sized package, including an MP3 player with lyrics display/voice recorder, FM tuner, 3D surround sound, and a 1.3 Megapixel camera. There’s also 58MB internal memory along with a miniSD memory slot for expansion. Source: [AVing]