Many gamers still enjoy playing NES classics even though there haven’t been any official releases for over two decades now. Fortunately, there’s a way to try out new games to this day, thanks to something called “NESMaker”. Think of it as Unity or GameMaker, complete with various modules that enable you to make platformers, shooters, action adventure, etc. games, without any coding experience. You’ll be able to design your own art, adjust the physics, and if you have the technical know how, even modify the code, all the while running on actual NES hardware. The end result is an .nes ROM file that runs on any emulator, or you can just use the “Burn” function with the cart flasher to create a functional game cartridge. Read more for a video showcase of some of the games made with NESMaker.

“Our goal is to give aspiring NES developers a new access point. Video games are no longer just an outlet for programmers. Today, they are a widespread creative language for artists of all types. But for non-programmers, systems like the NES have an almost impossible barrier for entry. NESmaker opens up development for this system for artists and creatives of all types,” said NESmaker creative director Joe Granato.


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