Light Smartphone 9 Cameras

First, there was the Light L16, a point-and-shoot camera with 16 lens, and now, the company is set to reveal a smartphone with a whopping 9 camera sensors. This device aims to combine a point-and-shoot camera with the functionality of a smartphone, enabling users to capture 64-megapixel photos with ‘better low-light performance and sophisticated depth effects’ by stitching images from the multiple cameras into a single photo. Continue reading for more interesting images.

15. Ring Made from a Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel

Interesting Images

14. Peacock Painted Turtle

Interesting Images

13. Rusty Skies

Interesting Images

12. Life Imitating Art

Interesting Images

11. Bridge in Amsterdam

Interesting Images

10. Northern White Lip Python

Interesting Images

9. Slightly Creepy

8. At the Right Moment

7. Crystal Clear

6. Glacier Express Going Through the Swiss Alps

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4. The Force is Strong With This

3. Remember This Date

2. Just Illusions

1. Not What They Expected