Ant-Man Wasp VFX

It’s always fun to see just what went into the making of your favorite movies, especially ones that rely heavily on special effects, like Ant-Man and The Wasp. These videos showcase how the filmmakers used CGI to turn that towering building into a rolling suitcase as well as super sizing the Helly Kitty PEZ candy dispenser. Many studios were used, including Rodeo and DNEG. Continue reading to see the DNEG VFX breakdown video.

“The video also gives you a idea of how the company blew up and shrank Hank’s cars and how it designed the team’s ant friends. It’s a short but informative look at how Hollywood creates movies that depend so much on computer graphics — more specifically, how Marvel shoots the action-packed sfx-rich entries to its cinematic universe,” reports Engadget.


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