Tesla Key Implanted Hand
Utah resident Ben Workman has turned to cybernetic implants to improve quality of life, or so he thinks. So far, he’s embedded four chips directly into his hands, thus enabling him to unlock his Tesla, unlock doors at his workplace, log onto his computer, and share contact information. In the future, he hops to also integrated Apple Pay / Android Pay so he’ll be able to leave his wallet at home. Read more for a video and additional information.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), no doctor would legally do this for him, so he turned to a family member. How did they do it? Apparently some of the chips come in syringes, which means you just place them under the skin and pop the tags out. However, the Tesla key required a piercing studio to help him.

In all reality, it was experimentation and curiosity. On the first two [chips], I actually didn`t have anyone. I tried going to a veterinarian, a doctor, a piercing studio, no one would do it,” said Workman.