Next-Generation Microsoft Bing Edge ChatGPT AI
ChatGPT is taking the world by storm, and even more so today, as a next-generation Microsoft Bing search engine as well as an Edge browser powered by an even more powerful AI were revealed. Bing is still the same search engine, but now has a new sidebar that shows more comprehensive answers if you want them. It draws upon results from across the web to find and summarize the answer you’re searching for.

Next-Generation Microsoft Bing Edge ChatGPT AI
Plus, you can now make complex search queries, such as for planning a detailed trip itinerary or researching what monitor to buy. It achieves this through an interactive chat experience that lets you refine your search until you get the complete answer you are looking for by asking for more details. Microsoft’s Edge browser has also been enhanced with new AI capabilities including Chat and compose. An Edge Sidebar allows users to ask for a summary of a long financial report to get the key takeaways. Try it out today at

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AI will fundamentally change every software category, starting with the largest category of all – search. Today, we’re launching Bing and Edge powered by AI copilot and chat, to help people get more from search and the web,” said Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO, Microsoft.

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