NIO EVE Vision

Think of the NIO EVE as a fully autonomous vehicle that can be manually driven if chosen, and best of all, it will be in production by 2020. The vehicle’s exterior surface allows active opacity instantly, letting the passengers and driver block away from the sun, or see far distances. Its interior is spacious, and reflects a living environment, while the seats are designed for flexibility and the primary seating area in the rear left has two face-to-face positioned seats with a fold-out table. A tactile fixed controller sits on one of these seats to allow adjustments or interactions with their surroundings with one swipeContinue reading for a full video of the launch event, and more information. Click here for a few bonus images.

The car uses a system called NOMI, which is an artificially-intelligent digital companion which always learns its driver and passenger’s self-interests and information to meet their needs. The device’s embodiments are found at the front and rear. The device’s canvas is the front windshield, to display any information to the driver and passengers. The canvas is also used to give an augmented experience, whether it is personal info or entertainment. This also displays any attractions as a suggestion.