Nissan Robot Duck

Nissan’s Aigamo may not be the first robot duck, but the task it was designed to perform most certainly stands out. Simply put, it keeps farmers’ rice paddies healthy by destroying weeds, eating bugs and fertilizing crops without using harmful chemicals. That’s right, it specializes in muddying the water to prevent weeds from growing by blocking sunlight, thanks to GPS, a WiFi connection and solar power. Read more for this week’s selection of fascinating images from around the web.

15. Spoon Art

Made from spoons…

14. Mona Illusion

I like this and thought you guys might too

13. DBZ Meets Vincent van Gogh

Van Goku

12. The More You Know


11. It’s All About Perspective


10. Literally

Metal Head

9. Boosters

SpaceX prepares to test Falcon Heavy’s 27 booster engines ahead of most difficult launch ever

8. Fossilized

This huge ammonite fossil

7. Handmade

Super Mario cosplay gown

6. Super Home Theater

I finished my Home Theater and Bar after 18 months of building

5. Brick Masterpiece

Ocean Beach Modular Lego

4. Chilling

Photos taken moments before disaster

3. Stealth

SR-71 Blackbird

2. Next Level Cosplay

Vault Dweller cosplay by Laura Jansen

1. Geeky

Suddenly and for no reason… THE WORKS OF ÁSTOR ALEXANDER!


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