Camouflage Ocotopus

From afar, it’s just a lifeless reef area, but once this diver gets closer, an octopus suddenly jumps into view as it deactivates its ‘cloaking mechanism’. The footage you’re about to see was captured by Jonathan Gordon in the Caribbean, and he says: “I dove down to have a look at the shell that you can see just under where the octopus appears and as I approached the octopus came out of hiding. I had literally no idea he was there until I was about a metre away.” Continue reading to watch.

“Octopuses are one of a few marine creatures that can camouflage themselves underwater; others include the cuttlefish and squid. The cephalopod – a mollusc with its arms attached to its head – can not only change the tone of its skin to match its surroundings, but also its texture to blend in. Incredibly, they are able to do all this despite being colour blind. Scientists still aren’t quite sure how they know what the colour of the object their hiding against is,” according to The Daily Mail.