Oldest App Developer

Masako Wakamiya, an 83-year-old from Japan, may not have been a part of the first wave of mobile apps, but in 2017, she launched Hinadan, a game aimed at elderly users. She purchased her first computer when she was approaching 60 to keep up with friends while taking care of her elderly mother. “I felt like my view expanded. I was excited to know that the world was much larger, with a diverse range of people. As I discovered how great it is, I thought I should tell that to people from my generation. Then I opened a sort of PC salon in my tiny house and started teaching people of my generation,” said Masako. Read more for an in-depth look at her life.

“Wakamiya uses what she calls ‘Excel art’ to spread her message of hope, using the Microsoft spreadsheets application to create designs she has even turned into clothing and crafts. For Wakamiya, using technology is about bringing new means of creativity across generations. Through her outreach, she also wants to inspire young people to find their own voice,” reports KDVR.