File this under: coolest wooden gadgets. France-based Oree has unveiled a stunning keyboard that’s handcrafted entirely from wood, sans the electronics. That’s right, “every keyboard is made to order and is crafted, polished, oil-finished and assembled by hand in their workshop in southern France.” These Bluetooth-enabled keyboards retail for $163USD – customizations (name, graphics, etc.) can also be added for additional costs. Continue reading for a video of another stunning wooden keyboard, more pictures of the Oree, and additional information.


Orée was born from our observation that modern technology products look very much alike, are highly impersonal, made out of eco-unfriendly materials and are designed for rapid obsolescence. We set out to do something different: create lasting & personal high performance technology objects primarily made of wood, the most natural, durable and renewable material on earth.

Orée is about reconciling tradition & novelty to create exceptional products through an exclusive combination of timeless woodworking techniques and cutting-edge technologies. All our products are eco-designed, crafted and hand-finished in France.


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