The Pal-V One helicopter motorcycle is essentially a two-seat hybrid car and gyrocopter that just went on sale today. At $395,999, it’s both road and air legal, capable of reaching speeds of up to 112mph and goes from 0 to 60 in under 8 seconds when driven on the road. Continue reading for a video, more information and the product page.

The Daily Mail says, “When in flight mode, the vehicle looks like a helicopter, however, it is known as a gyrocopter or autogyro because the main power comes from the rotors at the rear of the vehicle. Its rotors spin considerably slower than a helicopter’s blades, too, and can’t stall. On the ground, the machine handles somewhere between a motorbike and a racing car – its chassis is built to lean into turns, and the two-seater can reach speeds of up to 112mph.” Product page.