Photographer 3D-Printed Miniature
H/T: Peta Pixel
Mathieu Stern has always been interested in macro photography, but the problem with some of these micro scenes is that it’s hard to figure out the scale of some objects. So, this photographer decided to stop by Digtage and use their 3D scanning studio to create a miniature of himself. Put simply, this system consists of multiple DSLR cameras that captured him from just about every angle and that data was then turned into a miniature of himself. Read more for a video and additional information.

This realistic miniature was then taken out for a photo shoot, including a grassy field, next to small insects, alongside a cat, and even in the studio with some action figures. There are other companies capable of making 3D-printed miniatures, like Shapify, and prices range from $69 for an extra small figure to $149 to get something like Mathieu.

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