Volcano Lightning

There are few things more beautiful for a photographer than being able to capture menacing flash of lightning bolts within a volcanic ash cloud. This mind-boggling image, captured by amateur photographer as Hernando Rivera Cervantes, shows the Colima volcano in Mexico spewing out a plume of ash and lava, revealing the raw power of a volcanic eruption. He says: “I waited for eight hours, knowing something was going to happen. When the lightning arrived it was magical. An unforgettable experience.” Continue reading to see the animated image.

Colima Volcano Lightning

“Earlier this month scientists discovered that it is this lightning that is responsible for making the glass spheres that can appear in volcanic rocks. They found that the intense heat generated by the lightning bolts causes the ash to melt into spherules of smooth glass. A bolt of volcanic lighting can heat the surrounding air to more than 3,000°C, according to the researchers from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa,” reports The Daily Mail