Photo credit: James Mollison

Photographer James Mollison’s “Where Children Sleep” photo series takes a look at children from all across the globe and the diverse environments they go to sleep in. Though some may have lots of material wealth and a lavish bed to rest sleep in at night, you’ll see many that are not as fortunate. Continue reading for more.

Here’s what My Modern Met would like to say about the photo project: “Mollison gives an intimate perspective of these children, offering some sense of their lifestyle through their personal bedroom. At times, though, it can be difficult to even refer to the space they sleep in as a bedroom as there is no actual bed. In the case of Bilal, a 6-year-old Bedouin shepherd boy, the young boy is left to sleep “outdoors with his father’s herd of goats.” Alternatively, 4-year-old Kaya in Tokyo is adorned in frilly dresses that her mother spends $1,000 on every month, which is reflected in the abundance of toys and luxury items that fill her room.”