Ordinary Life North Korea Joseon

Photo credit: Denis Davydenko via Peta Pixel

Yes, there are still tour groups that frequent North Korea, and one photographer, Denis Davydenko, managed to capture “Joseon”, or how the inhabitants refer to their country – meaning “country of morning freshness.” “Complicated, contradictory, shrouded in myths and legends in media publications. It is the only country on the Earth in which there is classical socialism. The way of life of Koreans, their mentality and culture are therefore difficult to understand for most Western People,” said Denis. Continue reading for more pictures

“This photo series shows a special outlook on the life of ordinary people – on the one hand, the existence in the information vacuum under the ideological press in a rigid closed system and, on the other, the inherent desire for all mankind to love, rejoice and feel happiness,” adds the photographer.