Photo credit: Chris Morgan

If you’ve ever tried getting close to a hummingbirds, the only thing you saw was probably a hum, blur, and then nothing. While in-flight, they are nearly impossible to see clearly, that is have a Phantom high-speed camera ready to go and already set up. Scotland-based photographer wanted to capture this beautiful creature during a recent trip to Costa Rica. He says: “It took a while to be able to get any shots of one. In the space of an hour I took nearly a thousand shots. A good proportion were excellent out of focus pictures of bushes with no birds to be seen.” Continue reading for a couple more images.

My Modern Met notes, “With a lot of patience, Morgan photographed the dazzling details of many hummingbirds from quite close up. His images feature the amazingly sharp details of eyes, beaks, and layers of bright, iridescent feathers, and viewers can actually stare directly into the large, shiny black eye of a single bird.”