Labyrinth Watch

Imagine buying an extremely expensive watch as just a showpiece, rather than a functional timepiece. Introducing the “Playground Labyrinth” by Hautlence. Priced at $12K, this watch is basically an 18K gold maze with an extra-hard sapphire crystal “crown” to keep the platinum ball in place. To win the game, simply navigate the ball into one of the two tiny holes at which point the crown can be used to activate a small “mechanical lift” to reset the board. “Labyrinth is an old game that we have decided to bring back in a watch. What we are presenting here is a new vision of time and this new vision of time obviously doesn’t show traditionally the time. We want people to disconnect and go [to] this dimension of time where you decide what you want to do,” said Hautlence co-founder Sandro Reginelli. Click here to view the first image in this week’s geek life gallery. Continue reading for a viral video showing what happens when you pour molten copper on french fries.


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