PlayStation Tomb Raider OpenLara Game Boy Advance Port
Successor to the Game Boy Color, Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance is essentially a 32-bit handheld game console boasting advanced 2D graphics hardware. This allowed for scaling and rotation for traditional tiled backgrounds in its modes 1-2 as well as scaling and rotation for bitmaps in modes 3-5. Is this hardware powerful enough to run the original PlayStation Tomb Raider game? Well, if you’re talking about the new OpenLara version, then most certainly.

A programmer who goes by “XProger” online created this port in about a year, and despite being the “Alpha Version”, everything appears to run smoothly. Everything was crammed into a 32MB cartridge, but only 3 levels are available to play at the moment. However, OpenLara also enables gamers to enjoy the classic title on other consoles such as the 3DO, iPhone, Xbox and 3DS. More information here.

Hyperkin SupaBoy Portable Pocket Console for Super NES / Super Famicom (Hyper Beach) - Super NES;
  • 4.3-inch screen
  • Switch between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery with 10 hours of battery life

Project is cross-platform but Web is prefer and you always can see latest changes by the link Web build with demo level.
If for some reason you are not able to run web version you always can download latest releases for all supported platforms or build it by yourself from source code. Windows, Linux, MacOS X, Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS and Web platforms are currently supported 8),” said XProger.

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