Verruckt Ride

For those who don’t live in Kansas City, and want to experience Verruckt, the world’s tallest waterslide, these videos should do the trick. Designed by Schlitterbahn co-owner, Jeff Henry, Verruckt riders sit in a three-person raft slide with an uphill section. The initial drop is a 17-story plunge with a five story uphill section (also the tallest uphill water coaster section in the world). At 168 foot 7 inch, the starting point is taller than Niagara Falls and should reach a maximum speed of 65 mph. Continue reading to watch.

“The spray made it difficult to keep my eyes open, and our boat seemed to lift off the flume as the feeling of weightlessness hit us. We torpedoed to the bottom, then rocketed up and back down the second hill, propelled by a water cannon. In all, the ride lasted only 15 incredible seconds. One muscled rider came down after us and said, ‘Holy sh*t. That was crazy.’ It was. Which is why we turned around, walked back up to the top, and did it again,” reports Outside Online.

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