Practical Effects Photographer
Photo credit: Jordi Koalitic via Peta Pixel
Photographer Jordi Koalitic from Barcelona is known for “creative photography,” and not just for the locations, but rather how he creates the shot. To be more specific, he uses practical effects, or a special effect produced physically, without computer-generated imagery or other post production techniques. This could range from using simple objects to photographing things from unusual angles. Read more for a video compilation and additional information.

On a related note, many of the older action movies are known for their practical effects. Whether it be gunfire, bullet wounds, rain, wind, fire, or explosions, these effects can all be produced on a standard movie set by someone skilled in practical effects. Many remember the horror movies of the 80s where non-human characters and creatures produced were created with make-up, prosthetics, masks, and puppets.