SWAT Team Gamer

How did Jordan Mathewson end up being detained by a SWAT team during a live streaming event? Well, a prank caller had told police he was a gunman who shot two colleagues and took hostages in the latest case of a worrying trend known as ‘swatting’. Next things you know, dozens of armed officers surrounded his office in Littleton, Colorado, and screamed at him to hit the deck. Continue reading for a post-debacle interview video and more information.

According to The Daily Mail, “Mr Mathewson, who goes by the name Kootra and has 220,000 Twitter followers, founded an online gaming group known as The Creatures and broadcasts daily on Youtube. ‘What in the world?’ he said. ‘I think we’re getting swatted’. Suddenly the officers crashed through the door screaming: ‘Put your hands up! Get on the f****** ground! Don’t you f****** move, you hear me boy?'”

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