Another day, another iPhone 5 leak. This time, we get a look at a production model unsuccessfully booting into iOS6. For those wondering about the tape over the logo, “the iPhone might have had an identifier on the back which would have permitted Apple to track down the person responsible for the leak.” Continue reading for the video, more pictures, and additional information.


Okay, here’s the story. A tipster tells Chinese tech media that he has “accidentally” discovered an iPhone 5 when he made a visit to his friend at Foxconn’s factory in Jincheng. Just in case you haven’t heard of Foxconn’s factory in Jincheng (in China’s northern Shanxi province), it’s actually Foxconn’s upcoming largest factory on Earth.

According to sources, Foxconn will invest 100 billion yuan (US$15.7 billion) to develop the world’s largest precision manufacturing base in Shanxi, and Foxconn chairman Terry Gou said he intends for the investment to transform Jincheng into the global capital of precision manufacturing within the next five years. So, in Foxconn’s Jincheng factory, our sources tell us that each Foxconn worker needs to finish some touch-up cleaning to complete up to 3,000 iPhone 5 back panels every night in recent months.



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