Yes, we’re only months away from the much talked about Mayan end date, but even before we unravel the mysteries surrounding December 21, 2012, there have been bizarre UFO sighting that still cannot be explained. This fits right in with these 5 people who might be real time travelers. Continue reading to see five of the most intriguing examples.

5. Hopeh Incident, China

This photograph was taken in 1942 and later discovered in a photo album. The owner of the album claimed to have purchased the photograph from a street photographer in China. Young Japanese student Masujiro Kiryu, going through his fathers scrapbook of photographs fron the China Campaign, just before World War II, discovered a strange cone-shaped object in the sky above a Tsientsien Street.

A number of people in the street are looking up and two are pointing up at the object. A sidewalk photographer snappped a picutre of the strange machine and his father bought it from the street vendor for a souvenir of the place.

4. Gulf Breeze Incidents, Florida

The small town of Gulf Breeze, Florida has been the site of numerous UFO sightings. The most concentrated period of encounters was between November 1987 and May 1988 and were centered around Ed and Frances Walters. The Walters captured over 40 photographs of the unexplained objects and various scientists have conducted tests and studied the pictures,claiming them to appear legitimate.

Over the years, many people have attacked the Walters and their credibility. The fact remains that Ed is a successful contractor and respected member of society. In the three year period of time surrounding the initial sightings, over 200 different people came forward with videos and photographs of the unexplained flying object.

3. Belgium Incidents

A series of unusual events took place in Belgium between November and April of 1989. Over 2,000 people reported witnessing triangular shaped UFO’s in various areas of the country. The objects have been labeled black triangles, which are a class of UFO’s common in many international sightings, one of the most famous being over St. Petersburg, Russia, onFebruary 19, 1997.

The objects were always in triangular form and changed colors between red, green, and yellow. The first time the F16 managed to lock radar the UFO accelerated from 150 mph to over 1,100 mph while changing altitude from 9,000 ft to 5,000 ft, then up to 11,000 ft before descending to almost ground level. It was the first descent of more than 3,000 feet taking less than two seconds. The incidents remain unexplained.

2. Phoenix Lights, Arizona

On March 13, 1997 a series of optical phenomenon occurred in the skies over the U.S. states of Arizona and Nevada, and the Mexican state of Sonora. Unidentified flying objects and various light formations scattered the skies. Initial reports described anywhere from 5-7 points of light, and ultimately 8 with a trailing ninth. The enormous object was extremely low, and mountainous areas could be seen behind the craft in pictures, therefore giving photographic experts scale to approximate the elevation from the ground, and the distance from the camera.

This would enable an estimate of the craft being a whopping one mile or more in length! The color of its lights were described as “blue-white,” to “yellow-white,” to “amber.” Again, these differences of description do not necessitate there being more than one object. During the crafts fast moving period, it was estimated to be moving at Mach 2-3. As it slowed down as if posing to be filmed, the speed dropped to an estimated 10-15 MPH.

1. Space Incidents

In 1972, the crew of the Apollo 16 moon mission set out to explore the surface of the moon. As they began their return to earth the spacemen recorded a few seconds of video footage of a saucer-shaped object. The footage was leaked to the internet, along with many other NASA videos.

STS-80 was a Space Shuttle mission flown by Space Shuttle Columbia in 1996. It lasted 17 days and is the longest Space Shuttle mission in history. The objectives were to deploy two satellites and successfully recovered them after they had performed their tasks. Two spacewalks were planned for the mission, but were canceled at the last moment. The crew aboard this shuttle witnessed some of the most baffling and intriguing UFO phenomenon ever recorded. Various unexplained lights and crafts surrounded the crew.

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