PUMA Fi Self-Tying Shoes

For those who don’t know the PUMA Fi self-lacing training sneakers are a direct descendant of AutoDisc, a wirelessly-connected adaptive-fit shoe Puma announced way back in 2016. Unlike Nike’s Adapt BB, which automatically tightens, these shoes have a swipe-activated motor on the tongue that tightens the hidden laces. Wearers simply swipe up to tighten, swipe down to “untie” and / or control them using the Fit Intelligence app over Bluetooth. The motor is powered by a battery concealed within the shoe’s insole, and when it runs low, you can recharge it by placing the sneakers on a wireless charging plate. Read more for a hands-on video and additional information, including a link to the sign-up page.

“From all applicants, PUMA selects semi-finalists and invites them to a Skype interview. After that, we will notify those who have been accepted into the program. From then on, they will be Beta Testers, get a pair of Fi training shoes and will have three weeks to test them. Our Beta Testers will be asked to give feedback on the usability, design, engineering and wearability of the shoes via an online survey during and after the testing period. After that, testers can keep the shoes,” according to the company. Sign up here.


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