Qoobo Robotic Pet Pillow

Qoobo is basically a headless robotic pet pillow that consists of a wagging tail, and it could be the strangest gadget to come from Japan as of yet. Simply start petting the fake cat pillow, and it will start wagging its tail in response. An internal accelerometer detects the petting motion, enabling it to wag and curl its tail all on its own. Continue reading for another hands-on video, more information, and the Kickstarter page.

“It’ll have an eight-hour battery life with USB charging, and will come in two colors: husky gray and French brown. Qoobo is expected to cost around $100 when it launches in June 2018. The Kickstarter is now live and already halfway to its ¥5,000,000 (around $44,000) goal. You can back one for around $88 now, and be in the loving embrace of a soft robot pillow by next year,” reports The Verge. Kickstarter.

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