Racer-X Electric Motorcycle

Built by designer Mart Atkinson, creator of the BMW Alpha (above video), the Racer-X is his latest project, and it’s an electric motorcycle designed to look like the letter “X”. Featuring an aluminum tube structure covered in carbon fiber paneling, an open source software-controlled servomotor, an offset steering axis, and a Nissan Leaf-sourced 38 kW battery system. Read more for more fascinating images from around the web.

15. Magnificent

Cable Management

14. Artsy

Portrait of Elon Musk using shots of the Falcon launch.

13. Unique

Box shaped building

12. DIY


11. Stealthy


10. Snack Drink Cup

Why is this sort of technology not more readily available worldwide.

9. Colorful

Barbie pagoda fungus

8. Other Worldly

Jupiter's South Pole Photographed Last Saturday By NASA's Juno Spacecraft

7. Blade Runner

Cool building in China

6. Hidden Gem

I want to have a swim in one of these – Anybody have an extra ticket?

5. Accurate

Female Hades (Disney’s Hercules) Cosplay

4. Perfectly Timed

Sunset tree n moon

3. GoT

GIANT GAME OF THRONES GRAVEYARD appears in Sydney – 'Grave of Thrones' – the detail is incredible!

2. The Terminator

arnold schwarzenegger carving

1. In an Alternate Universe

Nightmare Mario Art

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