Earthflow Phenomenon Russia

In Russia, land slides you, or at least that’s what internet meme experts have been saying. One thing’s for sure, many would start running immediately at the sigh of soil and rubble creeping towards them as if it had a life of its own. A Russian YouTube user managed to capture this bizarre earthflow phenomenon, a rare type of landslide, on video. Technically speaking, it’s a viscous flow of fine-grained materials, such as clay / sand / silt that have been saturated with water and moves downhill due to the pull of gravity. As it runs down a slope, the earthflow remains covered with any vegetation and typically leaves a bowl-shaped depression behind. Continue reading for the video and more information.

“They are usually triggered by heavy rainfall, so that when the debris becomes saturated with enough water, it starts flowing downhill. The video shows a stream of water running down the road as the debris falls down the slope, indicating the mass of soil is waterlogged. The speed of an earthflow can vary depending on the amount of water present and the angle of the slope, varying from being barely noticeable to relatively rapid, as seen in the video when a road becomes completely blocked in a matter of minutes,” reports The Daily Mail.