Real Hobbit House
Photo credit: Nicolas Boullosa
Former photojournalist Dan Price decided to leave his career and live underground in rural Oregon, and he’s been there for over 20 years with no interest in returning to the hustle and bustle. Simply put, he was worn out from the never-ending rat-race in 1990, and had an epiphany after reading a 1974 book called Payne Hallow about the simple lifestyle. Read more for a tour of his humble abode and additional information.

However, he didn’t start with the luxuries of this underground home, but rather a simple homemade tepee and then a small dome before moving on to mountain tents. Those just didn’t cut it, so he spent years carving out a hobbit-like hole in the ground dug into the side of a hill, and he’s been living there ever since. It features a rolling sleeping cushion, hot plate for cooking, and a ceramic heater for winter, all on a $5000 per year budget.

I don’t believe in houses or mortgages. Who in their right mind would spend their lifetime paying for a building they never get to spend time in because they are always working,?” said Price.