Relativity Terran R First Fully Reusable 3D-Printed Rocket
Relativity Space officially unveils Terran R, the world’s first fully reusable, entirely 3D-printed launch vehicle. This two-stage, 216-foot-tall rocket has a 16-foot diameter as well as a 5-meter payload fairing and will be entirely reusable, capable of launching up to 20,000 kg (44,092 lb) to low Earth orbit (LEO). The milestone was achieved using a proprietary 3D printing process with software-driven manufacturing, exotic materials and unique design geometries that are not possible in traditional manufacturing. Read more for a video and additional information.

The Terran R rocket will be equipped with seven 3D-printed Aeon R rocket engines capable of 302,000 lb. thrust each, while its upper stage houses a single Aeon Vac engine. Beginning in 2024, the rocket wil launch from Launch Complex 16, the company’s site at Cape Canaveral, in hopes of eventually providing both government as well as commercial customers affordable access to space and beyond.

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Relativity Terran R First Fully Reusable 3D-Printed Rocket

From our founding days in Y Combinator just five years ago, we planned on 3D printing Terran 1 and then Terran R – a 20X larger fully reusable rocket – on our Factory of the Future platform. Today we are one step closer to this goal. Together with our first rocket Terran 1, our second product, Terran R, will continue to take advantage of Relativity’s disruptive approach to 3D printing – reduced part count, improved speed of innovation, flexibility, and reliability – to bring to market the next generation of launch vehicles,” said Tim Ellis, CEO and co-founder of Relativity.

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