Japan Circuit Marker Conductive Ink Pen
Unlike other pens, the Erasable Circuit Marker lets you draw with conductive ink that can light up special sheets of paper. This means that soldering and creating electronic circuits may become a breeze due to the electrical connections. That’s right, you’re able to draw electric circuits quickly and easily, thanks to the company’s patented AgIC nanoparticle silver ink. When two points connect on a sheet of paper, you’re able to create a working electric connection. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Should you make any mistakes, its eraser works like one on a typical pencil, letting one easily remove any unwanted marks. What are the possibilities for everyday users? How about light-up greeting cards, small sculptures, and lots more. Japan-based Elephant invented the Erasable Circuit Marker to teach, educate, and make electric circuits more accessible to people of all ages and levels of experience.

MYNT3D Super 3D Pen, 1.75mm ABS and PLA Compatible 3D Printing Pen
  • Turn your ordinary drawings into 3D works of art
  • Stepless speed slider lets you regulate flow for optimal control of material while you're drawing
  • New: ultrasonic sealed nozzle is nearly clog-proof and provides market leading durability

We invented the Circuit Eraser to bring the process of trial and error to making circuits on paper. When we offered Circuit Markers in workshops and events, we noticed that many people made short circuits, and would have to start from scratch after making a mistake,” said the company.

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