No, this isn’t packaging made out of rice paper, but actual things you wouldn’t mind eating. Called WikiCells and developed by researchers in France, led by Dr David Edwards, “it;s designed to imitate how fruit and vegetables are ‘packaged’ in nature with a protective outer layer or skin you can eat.” Continue reading for more pictures (on actual food products) and information.

The containers are designed to be a similar shape to the fruits they seek to copy and are created using an edible plastic, which is a combination of algae and calcium. This is mixed with food particles, such as cocoa or fruit, so that the packaging tastes like what is inside.

They can be used to package both solids and liquids including soup, cheese, cocktails, fizzy drinks and coffee. Those containing liquids can be pierced with a straw and the contents drunk before they are eaten. The membranes can be washed under a tap and eaten, just like the skin of an apple.