Retro-Bit Retro Duo

The Retro-Bit Retro Duo Twin can play all Super Nintendo and Nintendo Entertainment System cartridges, just like on the original consoles, all for $38.50 shipped, today only, originally $59.99. The sleek and slim design saves you space, while specially placed vents ensure that your trip down memory lane is one way, with no stops or delays due to an overheated system. The RetroDuo even works with imports from Japan, and will accept all 16-bit controllers, and is specially designed to hold your cartridges firmly in place. Product page. Continue reading for an unboxing video and more information.

“The Retro Duo is a light little console, just barely over an inch thick and not hardly registering on my bathroom scale. This lightness, when compared to a real NES or SNES might make it feel cheap, but it certainly gets the job done,” said one reviewer. More information.