Reuben Wu Drone LED Photography
Photographer Reuben Wu seamlessly blends art and photography into one, with this latest adventure taking him to Bolivia for the on-going Lux Noctis series. To create the surreal geometric shapes that seemingly appear to float in the sky, he uses LED-equipped drones and on this trip, a new $57,000 Phase One XT camera system, which is capable of capturing 150-megapixel shots. Read more for two videos and additional information.

His favorite memory from this trip to Bolivia was shooting the world’s largest salt flats at sunset, since these flats form beautiful polygon-like shapes on the ground, the shadows formed by the ridges become longer and longer. This means that the landscape would looked very different every few seconds.

Lux Noctis started as a means to present landscapes in a different way to conventional photography. The use of artificial lighting in a natural landscape came to me at Trona Pinnacles in 2014 when a random truck drove into my time lapse, unexpectedly illuminating the pinnacles in a way that shouldn’t exist,” said Wu to Colossal.